Stephy Tang and Prince Chiu End Their Three Year Long-Distance Relationship

Stephy Tang and Prince Chiu Announce Breakup After Three Years of Dating

Hong Kong singer-actress Stephy Tang 鄧麗欣 and Taiwanese singer-actor Prince Chiu (Wang Zi) 邱勝翊 first made their relationship public in 2018. The two are known for being in a jiedilian (姐弟恋) because Stephy who’s 37 is six years older than Prince Chiu. While the long-distance couple were not able to see each other often due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephy had revealed in May that Prince had gone to Hong Kong for a week to spend time with her. Hence, both surprised many when they took to Instagram to say their goodbyes to each other on the eve of Jun. 27, thus announcing their breakup.

Prince Chiu tagged Stephy and wrote, “This beautiful encounter will be stored well in a box of memories, the dedication and care of more than a thousand days will also be kept inside. Thankful for everything that has happened that’s left a mark in my heart. A new journey, deep blessings for everything to be well. ❤️ @stboo”

Stephy Tang wrote a similar message while tagging Prince Chiu. She said, “The beauty has not slipped away, it has just stopped midway to become a landscape of memories, to own does not necessarily bring happiness, it feels more valuable to give away what you cherish. There are many kinds of love in the world, change the angle, change the way, continue on to a new page, a new beginning. Grateful to have met, may we all be well! Blessings❤️@prince_pstar” Both have disabled their comments section on Instagram.

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