Leanne Li Gets Back In Shape 6 Months Post Second Baby

Leanne Li with husband Wong Cho Lam and her two little ladies
Leanne with her husband Wong Cho Lam and their two little girls

Bouncing back after having just given birth a mere six months ago is no easy feat, but mother of two Leanne Li seems to have managed just fine for herself. Leanne said her secret to getting back in shape postpartum was not to follow just “any” diet and exercise plan, working instead with a nutritionist to create a healthy meal plan just for her.

Sharing a side by side photo of herself in the same workout gear to show her journey, Leanne said she relied solely on a healthy meal plan arranged by a nutritionist. Believe it or not, she said having just two large meals in a week whilst eating smaller portions the rest of the days allowed her to easily shed 6 kilograms. “The key point here is that I don’t even have to do any exercise, but I can eat two bowls of rice a day! This is the result of two months in my meal plan!” she said. Wow, a meal plan that lets you eat rice! If you’re like me, giving up rice is the hardest so Leanne’s meals consisting of healthy veggies and a good helping of proteins (plus rice!) certainly sounds promising.

Leanne Li is the wife of Hong Kong entertainer Wong Cho Lam and are proud parents to two girls.

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