Lay Zhang and Henry Lau Join “Street Dance of China S4” Along with Wang Yibo and Han Geng

Lay Zhang and Henry Lau Join "Street Dance of China S4" Along with Wang Yibo and Han Geng

Street Dance of China S4 has dropped one name a day this past week to finally reveal the four captains for the upcoming season made up of Wang Yibo, Han Geng, Henry Lau and Lay Zhang Yixing. With the show’s history of bringing back previous captains, much of the guessing was around who else would return following Wang Yibo’s announcement.

Wang Yibo was part of the show’s third season along with Jackson Wang, Wallace Chung and Lay Zhang. With Lay Zhang being the 4th and final captain to be announced, it looks like only two have returned from their season. However, Han Geng is actually the one person who has been on the show the longest since he is back for the third time after being on the first two seasons of the show. On the other hand, Henry Lau is the newest addition to the team.

Interestingly, all four captains have very similar backgrounds in that they all started out as K-pop idols with Wang Yibo from UNIQ, Han Geng formerly in Super Junior, Henry Lau formerly in Super Junior-M and finally Lay Zhang who recently made his comeback with EXO. In fact, Han Geng and Henry used to be band mates in Super Junior-M, hence making them label mates with Lay Zhang from SM Entertainment. Han Geng and Wang Yibo now belong to the same label under Yuehua Entertainment. It’s indeed a small circle of very talented people and there’s no doubt that the new season will be intense.

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