Ju Jingyi Fends Off Plastic Surgery Rumours Yet Again .. For Her Shoulders?

Ju Jingyu
Did Ju Jingyu Get Plastic Surgery?

Chinese singer-actress Ju Jingyi is no stranger to speculation over “having some work done”. However, this time around the singer is facing new accusations of getting plastic surgery … on her shoulders? As strange sounding as it is, someone pointed out how the former SNH48 member has been trending on social media after her shoulder line appears to have changed shape. Netizens have described it as looking more like a “right angle” now than before and someone even did a side by side of a before and after shot. Others on the other hand said that it’s probably just the result of working out.

Ju Jingyu Plastic Surgery Comparisons
Some Netizens have said the slope of her shoulders in the top photo is different from the bottom ones which are more recent.

In response to these new speculations, Ju Jingyi Studio in a statement said the malicious rumours going around are seriously inaccurate. They’ve also requested Netizens and media from further trying to slander, discredit and attack their artist and have said they’ll be pursuing legal means against anyone continuing to do so.

Once described as a beauty only found in 4000 years by Japanese media, Ju Jingyi has been subjected to plastic surgery rumors in the past as she was said to have had her eyes and her nose done especially when she looked way different in the photos that surfaced of her supposedly competing in the reality show Up! Juniors 向上吧! 少年 nine years ago. There’s also that time when Netizens noticed the bridge of her nose was translucent in a backlit profile of her face, sparking yet more speculation of her getting plastic surgery.

Ju Jingyi Fends Off Plastic Surgery Rumours Yet Again .. For Her Shoulders?

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