Jet Li’s Youngest Daughter Graduates High School

Jet Li with daughter Jada Li

Where has the time gone? In the blink of an eye, superstar Jet Li’s youngest daughter Jada is ready to move on to bigger and better things having just graduated from high school a few days earlier. It’s kinda hard to imagine the eighteen year old, whom we used to see in red carpets with her dad and big sister a few years back, receiving her diploma from the Phillips Academy. But luckily, it won’t be too much of a hardship since Jada also shared some snapshots marking the special milestone on her social media.

Wearing a simple white spaghetti strapped dress, a fresh faced Jada sunnily smiled for the camera together with her friends. Big sister Jane who is currently a student in Harvard University also made sure to be there to support her younger sister.

Jada Li and sister Jane
Big sister Jane who is currently enrolled in Harvard University also popped in to celebrate the milestone with younger sister Jada.

Jane and Jada Li are Jet Li’s daughters from his marriage to second wife Nina Li. Both Li siblings appear to be high achievers, gifted both academically and in the arts – Jane in dance and Jada with her musical talents.

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