Jerry Yan Isn’t What She Expected Says Ren Suxi On Her “Tempting Hearts” Co-Star

Tempting Hearts
Jerry Yan and Ren Suxi

Actress Ren Suxi spills the tea on her Tempting Hearts 有一点动心 co-star Jerry Yan, saying the crazy rumours that he’s a difficult person to work with are untrue.

Jerry Yan and Ren Suxi in Tempting Hearts

Six years after his appearance in the movie Our Times 我的少女時代, Jerry Yan returns to the silver screens with a brand new offering for fans in the romantic comedy Tempting Hearts. Despite being well into his forties by now (but looking like he’s hardly aged at all!), the OG Dao Ming Si appears to still be able to hold his own against the younger stars in the industry. However, it seems Jerry Yan has gotten himself a bit of a “reputation” in the industry for being a tad difficult to work with at times.

Even co-star Ren Suxi admits to have heard about this, but after working with him for this project, she said it totally wasn’t the case! In the press conference held by the film a few days ago, Ren Suxi bluntly said “He isn’t like what I thought he would be prior to working with him. That’s because I heard he’s a bit difficult to work with so I thought this film is done for.” However after getting to know him through the film, Ren Suxi said her impression of him completely changed. “Turns out we worked well together. I think he has this particularly child-like innocence and sincerity. And his being polite isn’t the fake kind at all. His temperament isn’t fake too, that’s why we both ended up forging a great friendship between us.”

Tempting Hearts

Tempting Hearts is a romantic comedy that tells the love story between Zhou Qiwen (Jerry Yan), the disgraced founder of a gaming company and the creator of a blind dating app called Chen Ran (Ren Suxi). Forced into bankruptcy by the “playboy” comments about him, Zhou Qiwen confronts the instigator, an employee for a blind dating app for an explanation. Signing up to join the dating app might not have been such a bright idea, that is, until Qiwen is matched with the creator of the app herself, Chen Ran.

Throughout their dating shenanigans, the pair gradually lose their hostility towards each other, thus begins the start of something that could be wonderful if only they dare to open their hearts to each other.

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