“Choice Husband” Sees Zhang Xueying With Her Two “Ex-Husbands” Played by Xing Zhaolin and Wang Yilun

Choice Husband Sees Zhang Xueying With Her Two "Ex-Husbands" Played by Xing Zhaolin and Wang Yilun

Ashes of Love fans, there might just be something for you to get excited about as Dian Xian, the same author who brought us AoL, is getting a drama adaptation entitled Choice Husband 择君记 based on her webnovel Two Ex-Husbands on One Stage 两只前夫一台戏. I know, I know, it’s not exactly news of the Ashes of Love sequel everyone’s waiting for but who knows, it might end up to be another fan favourite.

Choice Husband follows the story of Shen Miao, a beautiful and rich heiress who despite all her advantages had a time of it getting someone to the altar to say “I do”. Rumour has it that she brings bad luck to her future intended, that’s why no one dares to marry her. When she finally does get hitched, things didn’t exactly turn out as expected ….

Choice Husband's heiress Zhang Xueying
Sophie Zhang Xueying as Shen Miao

Sophie Zhang Xueying stars as Shen Miao, heir to the city’s wealthiest man whose road to marriage hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. Speaking of the two ex-husbands, Xing Zhaolin joins the cast as husband number one – the scholar Pei Yanzhen, whilst Riley Wang Yilun plays husband number two Song Xiyuan, the son of a wealthy merchant of similar social standing to her. How she ended up with two ex-husbands is the intriguing bit IMHO.

Since the historical romance drama already wrapped filming on June 17, 2021 after 82 days on set, here’s a little peak at what’s to come!

Choice Husband #1 Xing Zhaolin
Xing Zhaolin as Pei Yanzhen
Choice Husband #2 Riley Wang Yilun
Riley Wang Yilun as Song Xiyuan
Choice Husband Poster
Wrap Party
Choice Husband Wrap Party

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