Barbie Hsu Reportedly Announces Divorce, Her Husband Didn’t Know and Her Mom Says Otherwise

Barbie Hsu Announces Divorce, Her Husband Didn't Know and Her Mom Says Otherwise

On June 5, talks of Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei‘s divorce suddenly rocked the entertainment industry. According to Taiwanese media, Barbie has confirmed that she’s indeed in the process of filing for divorce. However, her husband Wang Xiaofei has also responded to the media saying that he’s unaware.

The 44-year-old Barbie Hsu and her businessman husband Wang Xiaofei dated briefly before getting married in 2011. They have two kids and celebrated their 10-year anniversary with friends last March. As news about the divorce started spreading, Wang Xiaofei took to social media to say, “Because I was really worried about my family, I said some bad things yesterday. During the epidemic, it is indeed easy to get emotional, and I hope my family can be healthy and safe.”

Wang Xiaofei drew attention for strongly-worded posts that he made on Weibo at 1 in the morning which reportedly led to the couple’s big fight. He was comparing what he saw in Mainland China and slammed the situation in Taipei where his family can’t even get vaccinated calling it, “Too shameless, too low. This is the distinction, this is the gap.” He also said that his company is prospering in the Mainland yet deplorable in Taiwan. His message to his staff, “If you can’t do it anymore, there are 10 stores in the Mainland waiting for you to to work as managers, double the pay!” He also commented on the topic of Taiwan residents who tested positive on the PCR test arriving at Xiamen calling them a bunch of c*nts and traitors. He removed the cuss words later on to simply say, “As a Beijing man like me would say, history will remember this.”

Others Weigh In

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu’s manager told the media that the couple simply fought and that it’s normal for couples to fight. Barbie’s mother also said, “Barbie just said things out of anger. What divorce? I’ll persuade her, Barbie and Wang Xiaofei are worried for their kids, I’ll ask the couple to bear it first.”

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