Andy Lau and Crosstalk Comedian Guo Degang Photographed Together Again, Who’s Older?

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau and Chinese comedian-actor Guo Degang have another photo following their recent dinner. This time, they were also with young crosstalk performers Victor Qin Xiaoxian 秦霄贤 and Shang Xiaoju 尚筱菊. Andy had previously said they were his favorites from Deyunshe, a performance group of people engaged in the traditional comic art.

This is the second time Andy Lau and Guo Degang were spotted together in a month. Andy Lau is turning 60 this September, and netizens continue to be amazed at how well he’s aged. Andy is 12 years younger than Guo Degang who is 48 years old! Shang Xiaoju excitedly shared his experience online and said, “Thanks grandpa (Guo Degang) for taking us to be a fan. The moment I saw Grandpa Lau, I forced myself to be calm, when in fact, my heart was pounding, so handsome, so cool, so much class, how can I not admire, happy.”

The recent interactions between Andy Lau and Guo Degang have people wondering if the two have plans to work on a movie. In a past interview, Andy said that he wishes to play a crosstalk performer because there must be a lot of stories about how xiangsheng went from experiencing decline in the 1990’s to the mainstream fame it now enjoys.

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