Lay Zhang Yixing and Yang Zi Crack Up at Their Matching PJ’s and Openly Address the Dating Rumors Between Them While on a Reality Show


On the May 14th episode of Back to Field S5 向往的生活第五季, Yang Zi who appears as a guest noticed that she was wearing the exact same pajamas as Lay Zhang Yixing. When Lay Zhang walked into the room in his full pajama set, Yang Zi who was wearing the same pants paired with a blue sweater couldn’t help but laugh, “You, you, Zhang Yixing, your pj’s are the same as mine.”

Lay Zhang and Yang Zi discover their matching outfits

Yang Zi even showed everyone the pajama top that she didn’t wear and it was indeed the same as Lay Zhang’s down to the logo. While their cast mates Huang Lei, He Jiong and Peng Yuchang laughed along with them at the unexpected coincidence and even joked that there’s no way they can get out of this now, Yang Zi openly mentioned that the internet was originally buzzing with dating rumors about them. In fact, Lay Zhang greeted Yang Zi as his rumored girlfriend when she came on the show. Huang Lei weighed in to say that because they’re not even scared to wear the same thing, people won’t gossip about them anymore. The two whose first instinct was to change decided to just stick to their pj’s. He Jiong adds, “This proves their teams don’t even talk, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.”

A blind item in January of this year eventually had people zeroing in on Lay Zhang and Yang Zi being a couple. At the time, the rumors were met with a round of denials from their studios and fan club with responses like, “Sorry, he only has three cats.” and ” currently single.” The teaser for their Back to Field episode fuelled the rumors again. Eagle-eyed netizens spotted their pj’s believing it was a couple outfit. Who would’ve thought everything was just a funny coincidence.

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