Youth With You 3’s Liam Yan Xi Explains His Side After a Surveillance Video Shows Him Pocketing a Ring

Liam Yan Xi

Recently, a shop in Beijing’s Sanlitun released a surveillance video of a man in white seen pocketing a ring. The security video started to trend on social media after Netizens who saw the video immediately guessed the man to be actor Liam Yan Xi, a contestant from the talent survival show Youth With You 3.

With the issue heating up quickly, Liam Yan Xi held a live broadcast on the wee hours of the morning today to deny the allegations and explain his side. In it, the actor-turned Youth with You trainee explained that he had a little too much to drink that night and assumed the tab he paid amounting to more than 3000 RMB already included the price for the ring.  

Surveillance photo of the man assumed to be Liam Yan Xi

Liam said that since the bar he was having drinks in was inside the shop and that there were no shop clerks around, he had assumed that the owner of the bar and the shop were one and the same. So after popping by the toilet and having a look at the items for sale, he said he wanted to pay for his bar tab and the ring together before leaving. He also said he thought he made it clear to the bar’s security that he wanted to pay for both the item and his tab together but because he’d imbibed a little, he couldn’t confirm whether security understood what he meant that night. Moreover, he also said that because he paid a total of more than 3000 RMB and the ring costing just a few hundred RMBs, he didn’t give it much thought anymore since he assumed the ring was just an inexpensive toy.

The reaction to the news online varies. Some have said that Liam’s actions make it look like he’s a “habitual offender” and that “it doesn’t appear to be his first or second time”. Others on the other hand have said that he should explain his side and apologise. Meanwhile, some Netizens are questioning whether the shop had other motives for making such a big deal out of the incident so publicly – they could’ve just reported the theft to the police and given them the video to resolve the case whilst others wondered whether the shop was just doing it for the publicity.

Yan Xi live on Weibo
Live on Weibo

However, it appears both sides have already worked things out judging from the just released statement from Liam Yan Xi’s Studio confirming the two parties have already reached an understanding and that the video has already been taken down from all platforms. Yan Xi Studio says that whilst they initially didn’t comment because they did not want to take up public resources, they are doing so now to keep malicious rumours from further spreading. They also warned that they will be taking legal action to protect their artist’s rights against any more rumours that can cause the issue to be further blown out of proportion.

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