Victoria Song Rocks Her New Pink Hair

Victoria Song's signature dark locks
Victoria Song’s signature dark locks

After eight long years sporting her signature dark locks, Chinese singer-actress Victoria Song is shaking things up and adding a touch of whimsy to her look with her newly dyed purple and pink hair! It kinda takes you back to her f(x) days doesn’t it when the ladies changed hair colours as often as they liked. Remember her bleached blonde ‘do for f(x)’s Electric Shock video or when she sported Kool Aid red tips?

Victoria Song Rocks Her New Pink Look
Victoria during her f(x) days

Since transitioning into acting however, Victoria exchanged her colourful girl group lewk for a more “serious” dark tone. And for eight years, that was the image she cultivated as she focused on developing her acting career. These days, it’s almost become her signature, so much so that the refreshing switch to her summer ready bright purple and pink surprised many. “I haven’t dyed my hair in eight years, come on!” she writes as she shares a short clip of her hair makeover.

“Pink hair, don’t care!” Victoria unveils her freshly dyed pink and purple look

What do you guys think of her new look? It kinda makes me want to give pink hair a try once again tbh. Looking forward to see how she styles and rocks that new pinky purply ‘do.

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