INTO1’s Lin Mo Apologises for Laughing At a Female Staff Member Who Accidentally Slipped on Stage

Lin Mo

The controversy laden INTO1 is once again in the spotlight as member Lin Mo was caught by cameras chuckling after a staff member slipped whilst walking on stage. In what Netizens have called out as an uncool move on his part, rather than helping her up and making sure she’s okay which his colleague did, the singer seems to be laughing at her expense. Now the staff’s mortifying moment and Lin Mo’s ungentlemanly response is forever immortalised in a gif that’s making the rounds online.

Responding to the backlash for his actions, Lin Mo posted an apology on social media earlier today saying sorry for the way he acted. “Very sorry to today’s staff. I’m so sorry everyone! I am deeply aware of the failings in my behaviour. My ungentlemanly actions put others in a very embarrassing situation, I sincerely apologise, I’m truly sorry. I have asked a staff member to get in touch with the staff older sister (姐姐) so that I can apologise to her personally. “I’m sorry and I hope you can forgive me. It really wasn’t intentional. As a public figure, I failed to be a good role model and this shouldn’t be the case. Moving forward, I will make amends, make things rights and really make a change. This kind of impolite behaviour will never happen again! I am sorry!”

If you count the number of times he apologised and said sorry, it appears Lin Mo truly is remorseful for the way he conducted himself. I just hope he really was able to have a chat with the female staff member and extend his apologies to her for not offering his assistance.

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