Karry Wang Junkai Can Never Understand Sisheng Behavior

Karry Wang Junkai Could Never Understand Sisheng Behavior

Karry Wang Junkai (王俊凯) has been exposed to the idol culture from a very young age. Having started out as a member of the TFBoys at age 13, it also means that he’s seen the ugly side of fame early on. In South Korea, overly obsessive fans are known as sasaeng fan. In China, the equivalent term is sisheng fan (私生饭) or “private-life” fans.

Around 30 People Gathered Outside the Dorm

There have been too many cases where sisheng behavior has gotten out of hand. On the Tencent reality show Oh Youth 恰好是少年, Karry Wang was having a conversation with co-stars Dong Zijian and Liu Haoran when he recounts a past experience when sisheng really went overboard. He said that around 30 people gathered at the corridor by the entrance to their dorm in Beijing. They had their phones by the door to record and the door wasn’t sound proof. Karry Wang only found out about it later on. When food delivery would arrive, sisheng would claim it’s their food, write their phone number on the receipt and personally deliver the food to Karry Wang. He said, “You know, I saw a long-haired woman from the peephole, it was too scary. She ran right after the door was opened. I was so pissed off then.” Karry Wang shared, “I feel like my life is very ordinary. When I have no work, I’ll still go out with friends to do what we want to do. If someone is following us then let them follow. Actually, towards those people (sisheng), I’ve gone from having absolutely no words at the start to being very angry. Nowadays, I cannot understand, I could never understand.”

On the show, Karry also explained that he’s the type of person who separates his work and personal life, which is why he rarely makes friends in the industry and doesn’t go to social gatherings. At the end of the day, he wants to return to the place he belongs and do the things that he wants. Dong Zijian then asked, “Do you think our show is life or work?” Karry Wang responds, “Life.” Dong Zijian was very happy with the answer.

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