Julian Cheung Chilam Plans to Retire from Showbiz Within Five Years

Julian Cheung
Julian Cheung

Hong Kong singer and actor Julian Cheung Chilam recently announced his plans to move away from the spotlight within five years. In an interview with Hong Kong media, Julian said that while his current gig has him participating as a series regular for a variety show, this will probably be the last time he’ll be doing it since he says his “strength isn’t as good as before”. The singer-actor also added that as long as nothing unexpected happens, retiring from the spotlight is definitely the plan.  Moreover, had it not been for Covid-19 making a mess of everyone’s plans in this past year and a half, he said his farewell concert would’ve already been done.

Investing for the Future

When it comes to his preparations for the future, it appears Julian Cheung has them well in hand. In recent years, the singer-actor mentioned he had started investing in art from famous artists which he says are good investments since the value does not depreciate. Whereas his interest may have started from curiosity and from chatting about art with friends, he got more into it when he started attending auctions. Once a car fan, Julian admits that cars don’t retain its original value as much as paintings do.

Julian Cheung
Car enthusiast turned art lover

However, aside from considering the long term value of a painting, Julian said he also wanted to put his foresight to the test. He certainly did well too as it is reported the “pumpkin painting” from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama which he acquired for supposedly four to five million HKD had already risen to ten million HKD in value according to estimates. Together with the rest of his collection, it is reported the total estimated value of the art he owns amounts to more than HK$121 million!

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