Hao Fushen Embroiled in Multiple Cheating Rumours After Cameras Catch Him Kissing His Bright Time Co-Star

Hao Fushen
Hao Fushen

It all started out innocently when cameras caught actor Hao Fushen out on what appears to be a date with actress Wu Qian, one of his co-stars in the upcoming campus drama Bright Time 芥子时光 which just wrapped up filming recently. Photos from their date show the actor affectionately giving his lady a peck on the lips. While this should have simply been about the romance speculations swirling around the pair, things took a different turn when a netizen claiming to be a friend of Hao Fushen’s alleged girlfriend Zhang Yunqi spoke up to accuse him of cheating. Later, when the story started to pick up traction online, Zhang Yunqi wrote “Thank you everyone for your concern. Today has been quite crappy”.

Well, it turns out the story is far from over as yet another can of worms was opened with more women stepping up to say he’s been with them. Except, if you look closely at the timeline of his relationships and flirtations, it looks like some of them overlap! In fact, there’s even a chart Netizens made to untangle his web of relationships spanning from 2016 to 2021.

Hao Fushen Apologises


An hour ago, Hao Fushen finally addressed the issue, offering up his apologies in a short statement where he said “In the face of the information and comments circulating online regarding my relationship issues, I have deeply reflected on it and I sincerely apologise to everyone.

I have indeed been in successive relationships, however, it isn’t the version that’s currently circulating online. Due to personal reasons, I have not been able to properly handle my relationship issues, and for that I am deeply sorry. I fully accept all criticisms and corrections coming my way, and will further do self-reflection.

In the future, I will try to be more self-aware, to give back to all my friends who supported me through better works and to be grateful for all the opportunities coming my way. Lastly, I want to express my regrets to everyone once again!

Unfortunate Timing

With this entire brouhaha taking c-ent by storm, even Hikaru no Gothe live action Chinese adaptation of the Japanese series that Hao Fushen, Hu Xianxu and Juck Zhang Chao starred in, did not escape the scandal’s reach. The drama was forced to issue an apology after receiving flak for its “poor timing” following its release of a BTS clip showing Hao Fushen andHu Xianxu’s antics whilst Hao Fushen’s cheating controversy is still in full swing.

We sincerely apologise to the artists who are innocent in this, to the fans and audiences who love Hikaru no Go who are affected” it said. The drama also noted in its statement that due to negligence, they were unable to review the contents of the clip before it was released. The video has since been taken down from the site with promises from production to strengthen its review process to avoid such problems from happening again in the future.

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