Eddie Peng’s Dramatic Transformation for His New Movie

Eddie Peng's Dramatic Transformation for His New Movie

A very different Eddie Peng appears in the movie “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” 热带往事 after he underwent intense weight loss for the sake of his role.

Having been in the industry for around two decades, Eddie Peng has evolved from his days as a young heartthrob to become known for his chiselled physique. He’s also known to go the extra mile for his roles. He once trained in gymnastics for the 2011 film Jump Ashin! In recent years, he’s taken on many action roles such as Dante Lam’s The Rescue where he had to stay in tip-top shape to play an elite member of the Coast Guard.

Eddie Peng's Dramatic Transformation for His New Movie

It’s no wonder viewers were shocked by a scene of Eddie Peng so skinny that his spine was showing in the trailer for his upcoming movie. The behind-the-scenes photo recently dropped by his studio gives a closer look at the actor when he shot the movie in 2018. His cheeks were sunken and face much different from the Eddie that everyone is used to seeing. Eddie Peng plays the main protagonist of “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, a suspense thriller revolving around a chilling murder case.

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