“Catman” Teases Fans with Sehun and Janice Wu Qian’s Kissing Scenes After Being Pulled Off-Air Again

"Catman" Teases Fans with Screenshots of Sehun and Janice Wu Qian's Kissing Scenes After Being Pulled Off-Air Again

Talk about an epic tease of sorts! After another round of delays, Oh Sehun and Janice Wu Qian’s Catman 我爱喵星人 finally made it to viewer’s screens on May 18. But! After just four measly hours on the online streaming platform PPTV, the movie was once again pulled off-air. Now it wouldn’t hurt too much if no one saw it, but with the amount of photos flooding social media right now of Sehun and Janice’s sweet sweet kisses from the film, that’s such a mega cliffhanger for the rest of us folks who didn’t manage to catch it.

Five Years Worth of Delays and Counting

Filming for Catman was actually completed five years ago when Sehun was just 23 and Janice 24. Mere babies from where they are now in their careers. However, thanks to the bureaucratic red tape brought about by the unofficial Hallyu ban putting the Chinese market out of reach, Catman was one of the long list of films put on an indefinite hiatus.

Last March, people were very optimistic after an air date was finally put forward at the heels of the partnership deal finalised between Chinese State network CCTV and South Korea’s KBS. However, just when we all thought the film will at long last be dusting itself off for an official premiere on March 14, a last minute postponement was suddenly announced without explanation.

A few days ago, iQIYI said they were releasing Catman exclusively on May 21 only to be postponed yesterday. Meanwhile, MGTV released an update last night indicating Catman is coming soon yet the post seems to have been taken down. While it appears fans and viewers may have to wait yet again, at least … the bigger platforms all say it’s coming soon right? Let’s just hope “soon” won’t take another year or even years (plural!) before materializing!

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