Aaron Deng Chaoyuan’s Former Co-Star Zhao Yaoke Reveals They Dated and Accuses Him of Flirting with Women

Aaron Deng Chaoyuan Accused by Former Co-Star Zhao Yaoke of Flirting with Women While They Were Dating

At around 6 in the morning on May 8, actress Zhao Yaoke (赵尧珂) wrote a long post on social media to reveal that she had been dating actor Aaron Deng Chaoyuan (邓超元) for about six months. The two shot the upcoming web series Meeting You Loving You with Deng Chaoyuan as the leading man and Zhao Yaoke as the second lead in 2020. Later on, they were caught in dating rumors that were never confirmed after being spotted by paparazzi.

“This Past Half a Year, Was Really Laughable,” Says Zhao Yaoke

Zhao Yaoke’s revelation comes with screenshots of her alleged conversations with Deng Chaoyuan as she claims that he was not only controlling but also had different women while they were dating.

Aaron Deng Chaoyuan's Former Co-Star Zhao Yaoke Reveals They Dated and Accuses Him of Flirting with Women

Zhao Yaoke wrote, “Have been feeling bad for several nights, I’ll just come out and say it. I once really wanted to protect you well, to protect your dreams, to protect your status as an idol, but everything that’s happened recently has jolted me awake. You wouldn’t let me learn swimming so I gave up swimming classes, wouldn’t let me take acting classes so I gave up acting classes. You felt that it’s wrong for me to interact with other boys so I started reflecting whether or not I should have contact with the opposite sex… I once felt that we’re from the same province, I hoped that we can have a good future so I kept on compromising, kept on giving up the circle I once had in my life…… until one day I realized, the dream you once weaved for me has completely shattered. You said you haven’t really dated much, but in fact, in every drama you’ve had girls, including our drama, you even sent many flirtatious messages to the actress in our drama who has a voluptuous body. You said you rarely go out and you’re “sick of women” but I found out in the past two days that you previously went to a friend’s birthday party and stayed at the KTV until 5-6am and even chatted and exchanged WeChat with a girl that I know. How much you meant to me in the past is how sick to my stomach I feel now. If you had even half the acting skills in your dramas as you have in real life, then you’ll definitely be much better than now. This past half a year, was really laughable.”

Deng Chaoyuan and Zhao Yaoke have similar backgrounds. Deng Chaoyuan joined Youth with You as a trainee before going on to star as the leading man in a number of web dramas. Zhao Yaoke was a trainee at Produce 101 China and has supporting roles in a number of dramas. Deng Chaoyuan’s side has yet to make a comment.

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