Xing Fei Shares Disturbing Details of Being Stalked on Multiple Occasions

Xing Fei
Xing Fei

This week’s creepy stalker news comes from My Little Happiness actress Fair Xing Fei who shared the deets of the multiple occasions two men repeatedly tried to follow her whilst she was on location in Hengdian for a project.  

The actress said her driver managed to thwart the two men from following her further to the elevator entrance the first time it happened. It appears the men followed her car back to the basement of her residence and attempted to check what floor she got off on. Good thing her driver noticed and drove them away.

Thinking it was just a one off thing, the actress said she didn’t expect to see their next attempt to get close to her to happen on set in Hengdian two days later. When one of the staff approached the man, he said that he was part of the crew working on the set next door and just came around have a look.

The third incident which occurred on April 7th was the scariest though since one of them actually tried to follow her up to her residence. After following her car home again, Xing Fei said her assistant was quite scared and quickly pulled her to go up the elevator. One of them tried to follow her up but was luckily intercepted by another one of her staff members whilst waiting for the elevator. Although that attempt was foiled once again, Xing Fei said it was pretty creepy to see the stalker’s car once again following her yesterday!

I don’t know how long you’ve been following or what your intentions are. No matter what it is, I want you to cease this bad behaviour. Please stay away from my life, this is harassment of me and my team!” The actress also adds that thinking about it really scares her and that by sharing this incident, she hopes to remind everyone to be very vigilant at all times whenever they’re out. “Pay more attention to your surroundings, and seek help from others or the police if you see someone acting suspiciously. You must make sure to protect yourself!

Hearing about this really gave me chills especially when they repeatedly tried to follow her! I really hope the police will be able to catch the perps soon.

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