Bai Jingting on How to Become Like Jackson Wang

Bai Jingting on How to Become Jackson Wang

If you ever need a good laugh, the bromance between Bai Jingting and Jackson Wang always has more to give. Bai Jingting recently took to Instagram with a selfie that had the caption, “How to make yourself look like @jacksonwang852g7 : Wearing suit without shirt.” In the photo, he had on a blue suit without a shirt inside.

There’s no question that the look Bei Jingting has so perfectly copied is one of Jackson Wang’s signature styles. He’s appeared shirtless with a vest or a suit on in many occasions leaving fans to marvel at his six-pack abs. Some Netizens commented that Bai Jingting should do the same and move the camera angle a bit lower to show more.

Bai Jingting who’s an actor became friends with Jackson Wang who started out as an idol through the 2016 reality show Fighting Man 我们战斗吧. They were both around the same age at only one year apart. They’ve repeatedly showed off their friendship through their many interactions and fans are loving it. Bai Jingting once said that he has to use a translator when chatting with Jackson Wang because Jackson who’s from Hong Kong would send him long messages in English. He’d pretend to understand but he’s actually translating everything including his response from Chinese to English. This time, Bai Jingting’s caption was written in English. Jackson, however, writes his cheeky response in Chinese, “Don’t plagiarize (me).”

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