Yin Zheng Slaps Phone Off Overeager Fan’s Hand, His Studio Explains

YIn Zheng

Winter Begonia actor Yin Zheng recently found himself in a wee bit of a bind after cameras caught him slapping away a fan’s phone that came a little bit too close for comfort.

In the short clip, fans and passersby can be seen taking videos of the actor as he was quickly passing through the set accompanied by his manager and an assistant when a hand shoving a mobile phone quite close to the actor’s face suddenly pops into the screen. Yin Zheng can then be seen swatting the phone away.

Yin Zheng Swats Away A Mobile Phone

As soon as the clip started making the rounds online, critical comments from angry fans and Netizens started flooding in. To clear up any more misunderstandings about the incident, Yin Zheng’s Studio had this to say: “.. some Netizens published a video of “Yin Zheng beating a passersby”. In fact, whilst the clip was being recorded, the passerby suddenly used his mobile phone to take a close-up shot of Mr. Yin Zheng. He subconsciously fended it off and did not act aggressively.”

Aside from the clarification, they also asked Netizens not to blow things out of context. “For a long time, Mr. Yin Zheng has always implemented a sincere, kind, and courageous attitude in dealing with things. He is serious about filming and hopes to give back to everyone through better works. The malicious remarks that have circulated recently have negatively affected Mr. Yin Zheng’s reputation and social image. Our studio appeals to everyone to chase their favourite stars responsibly and to jointly maintain a healthy online environment.”

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