Zheng Shuang’s Claims About Taking Responsibility for the Children Possibly Refuted by New Evidence from Zhang Heng’s Dad

Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang in happier times

As if her reputation hasn’t fallen far enough, more evidence recently surfaced to suggest that Zheng Shuang really had no intention of seeking custody of the two kids. As you know, both parents of Zheng Shuang and ex boyfriend Zhang Heng have also jumped into the fracas to defend their children. So while the interview given by Zhang Heng’s father with NetEase Entertainment isn’t anything surprising, it’s what he revealed that’s quite damaging to the actress’ claims.

First were some photos he shared of what he alleges is a contract written in Zheng Shuang’s hand listing her 15 demands. Most of the stipulations indicated on the contract essentially boils down to Zheng Shuang demanding compensation… amounting up to 35.56 million yuan supposedly. Zhang Heng must pay for all costs related to the surrogacy procedure including the cost of flying the children back home to China as well as their meals and lodging.

Next, Zhang Heng’s father also included a screenshot of an alleged chat conversation between his son and Zheng Shuang in January of 2020 showing a resigned Zhang Heng agreeing to her demands for the children’s sake. “I’m … tired. Let’s settle this for the children’s sake. I’ll bear all the blame… how much money do you want? I’ll give you everything in my capacity to give. Your 15 demands, I’ll agree to them all… I love you. But that love also has its limits.”  Later, Zhang Heng can also be seen pleading with Zheng Shuang to show a bit of humanity. “Protect the two little people who should be protected …

Text between Zheng Shuang and ZHang Heng

Last, but perhaps the most damning of them all is a screenshot of a forwarded email allegedly coming from Zheng Shuang which shows a note from the director of the surrogacy company they used in the US requiring both parent’s consent to be able to push forward with the adoption process. In her email, Zheng Shuang also tells her ex that he must respond to the original email from the surrogacy company with his consent and that no response from his end signals his approval to proceed.

Email allegedly forwarded by Zheng Shuang to her ex
An email from the fertility clinic requiring both parent’s acquiescence before moving forward with the adoption

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