Zhang Zhixi Deletes Early Morning Rant Accusing Boyfriend Jin Han of Cheating on Her

Jin Han and Zhang Zhixi

Is the romance between Jin Han and girlfriend Zhang Zhixi already fizzling out? After his bold dating declaration last year, one would think the couple is still in the sweet honeymoon stage of their relationship. However Zhang Zhixi’s early morning post calling him out for cheating seems to say otherwise.

In a now deleted post, Zhang Zhixi ranted about how her boyfriend went out looking for wai wei women 外围女-  essentially sex workers working under the guise of being models, on the same night her grandma passed away and how he has a separate WeChat number filled with their contact numbers. At the same time, the actress also accused him of deliberately picking a fight so he could change hotel rooms and spend the night with another woman.

Accompanying her post are several screenshots of what appears to be a chat conversation between her and Jin Han. One of them shows her trying to contact him several times to tell him her grandmother passed away. The rest seems to be of her confronting him about the alleged women and him apologising and denying her accusations.

A few hours later however, the actress retracted her original post and wrote another one saying it was all a misunderstanding and that Jin Han didn’t cheat on her with a wai wei. “I’m sorry everyone. There’s no cheating, there’s no other women. It’s just a misunderstanding. I drank too much and picked a fight. Already figured it out. Sorry to trouble everyone so late at night” she writes. Not all Netizens appeared to buy her explanation however, as some even tried persuading her to break up with him.

Since the early morning brouhaha has been picking up momentum online, Jin Han Studio issued a warning to Netizens from further spreading malicious falsehoods damaging to the actor’s reputation, most particularly to users who commented about his “emotional relationship” and “special background”. According to the post, the speculation is purely false and constitutes as an infringement on Jin Han’s reputation. Unless they want to find themselves slapped with a giant lawsuit, they’re strongly encouraged to delete any libelous statements they made against him.

Zhang Zhixi Deletes Early Morning Rant Accusing Boyfriend Jin Han of Cheating on Her

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