Ng Man-tat is in Hospital Undergoing Treatment for a Serious Illness

Ng Man-tat in hospital

Uh oh. Some concerning news for fans of Hong Kong cinema as veteran actor Ng Man-tat is reportedly in hospital getting treatment for a serious illness according to Hong Kong media. Friends who have visited the actor in hospital have said that Ng Man-tat lost a lot of weight and needs a lot of rest but is in good condition.

In an interview today, Ng Man-tat’s friend and Shaolin Soccer co-star Tin Kai-man was able to shed more light on the status of his friend’s health. He said Ng Man-tat learned he had liver cancer at the end of last year and just completed surgery recently but is in good condition. He is however, currently undergoing chemo which is why he’s quite weak at the moment. “He can’t speak, he can only use hand gestures and actions, wave his hands. He needs to exert a lot of strength in order to speak.” Fortunately, the veteran actor has been able to get himself a good medical team to help him through his condition.

Tin Kai-man talking about his friend Ng Man-tat
Tin Kai-man shares some details about his friend’s health

An obviously thinner Ng Man-tat had recently touched upon his 2014 health scare in his recent appearance on reality show Ace vs Ace where he said he felt like he was dying. Fans have also expressed concerns about his health when a video of the actor clutching his chest with a painful look on his face made the rounds on social media. Fingers crossed Uncle Tat is well on his way to making a recovery.

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