Ju Jingyi Stylist Apologises After Actress Comes Under Fire for Wearing What Appears to Be A Gucci Dupe in Her New Drama

Ju Jingyu

Love Under the Full Moon actress Ju Jingyi might have just found herself committing a fashion faux pas after eagle eyed Netizens noticed her wearing a slightly “off” looking blue sweater similar to the one Yang Mi was photographed wearing for a separate occasion. Further digging revealed that the blue sweater is from the Gucci Men’s collection which features a cartoon scribble of a chick being hatched from an egg. However, despite the similarities to Yang Mi’s, Netizens pointed out that Ju Jingyi’s looked like a poorly done copy and that it didn’t look at all like the same Gucci one worn by the Chinese superstar.

The chick on Ju Jingyi’s sweater versus Yang Mi’s on the right

Seeing that the sweater has already caused quite a number of discussions online, the stylist assigned to Ju Jingyi for Love Under the Full Moon weighed in on the situation before things turn into a brand new sweatergate.

According to her, the sweater in question was purchased through an overseas personal shopper she had previously worked with in the past. She further added that a review of the purchase process revealed that there were some problems and that she’s actively trying to pin down the exact source of the item. “I am very sorry for the trouble caused by this incident as well as for the harm to Xiao Ju and the team. Im willing to bear all the consequences caused by this. Hope that everyone will not maliciously spread rumours about others because of a mistake I made.

 Meanwhile, the drama’s production team also released a statement saying that they are currently looking in on the situation and will announce the results as soon as possible. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, production also apologised to the actress and her team for any inconvenience caused by the shortcomings of the drama’s review process for her costumes in the show. Likewise, Ju Jingyi Studio also issued a similar statement asking people to wait for the official results of the investigation being conducted and encouraged people to refrain from spreading any more malicious rumours about the actress.

The Sweater

Not the First Time

Weirdly enough this doesn’t seem to be the first time Ju Jingyi has had stylist troubles and been accused of wearing designer copies. Last year, she appeared on the red carpet in what people assumed to be a Miu Miu black dress until Netizens questioned the shoddy workmanship of the dress’ construction. For a dress seemingly from a luxury Italian brand, there shouldn’t have been any exposed threads in the stitching.

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