Chinese Remake of the UK Sci-Fi Series HUMANS Shows What the Future Might be Like with A.I.

Qi Wei and Ma Tianyu's sci-fi Humans shows the future with AI

Something not often seen in the Chinese drama industry are sci-fi themed productions like Ma Tianyu and Qi Wei’s remake of the UK sci-fi series HUM∀NS 你好安怡. But, if you’re one of many wanting to refresh their palates of the usual drama offerings, this 30 episode long series might just hit the spot!

Keeping up with the drama’s release on February 19th, production just dropped a brand new three minute long trailer for a glimpse of an AI assisted world. And from all the running, leaping off of buildings and fighting scenes abundantly sprinkled throughout the trailer, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for all the synths who’ve gained consciousness. If the Chinese adaptation is true to the UK version, that’s very definitely the case since all five sentient synths will soon be hunted for the unique code they all possess.   

Ma Tianyu as Li Yao in the sci-fi themed Humans

As An Yi, actress Qi Wei seems to have done quite a convincing job trying to appear more robot-like (for lack of a better word) whilst playing a housekeeping synth. At one point she even appears to be made of plastic so kudos to the makeup team as well. The UK cast who played the five synths were said to have undergone synth training to rid themselves of human mannerisms and I’m wondering if the Chinese cast had to undergo a similar thing.

A future with AI

On the other hand, Ma Tianyu’s character Li Yao probably takes after the part-human part-synth character of Leo Elster. Li Yao seems to be in constant search of his missing synth brothers and sisters in the trailer who we also catch a glimpse of since their bright green eyes are a dead giveaway. If you’re curious to see whether Li Yao’s little family will finally be reunited despite all the running from folks wanting a piece of them, catch Humans as it premieres on February 19.

Qi Wei as Anyi in the sci-fi themed Humans

Humans also stars Zhang Heng as Luo Yun, the upcoming Mortal Kombat actor Ludi Lin as Wen Haokang, Wang Cong as Ye Kun, Sun Anke as Qu Si Jia (Niska maybe?), Zeng Ke Lang as Xiao Maand Chen Youwei as Qiao Yuan.

Cast of Humans

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