Chinese YouTube Sensation Li Ziqi Sets Another Guinness World Record with More Than 14.1 Million Subscribers and Counting

LI ziQi
Li Ziqi teaching chinese handicrafts
Li Ziqi teaching viewers how to do handicrafts

If you follow Chinese YouTubers, chances are you’ve probably stumbled across YouTube star Li Ziqi who shot to fame with her videos beautifully featuring traditional Chinese culture and handicrafts.

Sichuan Landscape
Beautiful panoramic shots of the Sichuan landscape feature heavily in her videos

Lauded for helping spread Chinese culture to international audiences – from cooking authentic Lanzhou beef noodles to traditional sticky rice dumplings, making traditional handicrafts like hand dyed dresses and larger items building her own oven, Li Ziqi has been giving viewers a glimpse of pastoral life since starting her channel in 2017. Her videos have a certain serenity to them that when combined together with the gorgeous bucolic landscape of her native Sichuan has had viewers coming back for more. All 14.2 million of them in fact (as of press date).

It appears people can’t get enough of the YouTube celebrity because Li Ziqi just broke her own Guinness World Record for the “most subscribers for a Chinese language channel on YouTube” by going from 11.4 million subscribers which she set in July 2020 to 14.1 million at the end of January 2021. That’s quite a feat!

Li Ziqi Sets a New World Record
The YouTube star with her Guinness World Record plaque

Congratulations to Li Ziqi! What a great way to end the lunar year of the rat!

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