“Sisters Who Make Waves” Season 2 Cast Announced

"Sisters Who Make Waves" Season 2 Cast Announced

Sisters Who Make Waves Season 2 (Cheng Feng Po Lang De Jie Jie) 乘风破浪的姐姐2 has finally introduced the 30 contestants who will be competing for a spot to debut as a girl group. Just like last season, it’s a mix of established actresses, singers and artists who are all over 30 years old with singer Na Ying being the oldest jiejie (older sister) at age 53. 

Even before the cast was announced, the show already drew attention for bringing in Huang Xiaoming’s ex-girlfriend Li Fei’er as a contestant which brought unwanted attention to Huang Xiaoming’s wife Angelababy and led to his decision to quit as the host. Some netizens were also against actress Dong Jie joining the show due to her past cheating allegations and ugly divorce with ex-husband Pan Yueming. Other names include actresses such as Nirvana in Fire’s Angel Wang Ou, Dong Xuan from the recent Legend of Fei and The Untamed’s beloved shijie Xuan Lu who is the youngest at 30 years old. Hong Kong stars Cecilia Cheung, Joey Yung and Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen are also also part of the lineup. 

"Sisters Who Make Waves" Season 2 Cast Announced

Below is the full list of names: Na Ying, Yang Yuying, Jin Qiaoqiao, Li Huizhen, Zuo Xiaoqing, Cheng Lisha, Hu Jing, Dong Xuan, Dong Jie, Cecilia Cheung, Joey Yung, An Youqi, Angel Wang ou, Michelle Chen, Coco Lyu Yi, Zhou Bichang, Stringer Xuan Zi, Jia Qing, Jiang Luxia, Yuan Shanshan, Zhang Xinyu, Tang Jingmei, Alan Dawa Dolma, Li Fei’er, Vivi Jiang Yingrong, Jike Junyi, Chen Xiaoyun, Liu Ye, Tifa Chen, Xuan Lu 

Sisters Who Make Waves 2 premieres January 22 every Friday at 12 noon on MGTV.

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