Historical Drama “The Rebel Princess” Apologises for Oversight of Zhang Ziyi Wearing Sneakers in Episode 20

Zhang Ziyi wearing sneakers for a scene captured in the highlights

Leave it to eagle eyed Netizens to catch a filming blooper once again. In what can be considered as a rookie blunder, the series The Rebel Princess had to issue an apology after viewers spotted series star Zhang Ziyi wearing a very period incorrect pair of sneakers under her dress for a scene in the drama.

Costume dramas call for costume shoes, complained Netizens, while some have even gone so far as to accuse the veteran actress of being disrespectful. Many seem to be of the opinion that the actress should’ve committed to her role of Wang Xuan and wore period appropriate shoes instead. After all, they say she should be practicing what she preaches to her mentees in her show I am the Actor 我就是演员 shouldn’t she?

But shouldn’t this boo-boo been caught by drama’s editors at the very least?

An apology from Rebel Princess

In response to all the public attention, the production team for The Rebel Princess issued a short apology to audiences for the slip up, admitting that it was because of their negligence during filming and editing that this was overlooked. The scene in question shouldn’t have made it into episode 20 and should instead be found on the BTS reel only. They do however acknowledge that it was accidentally included in the final cut due to an editing mistake by the staff.

A scene from Rebel Princess

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