Hannah Quinlivan Has Netizens Questioning If She’s Throwing Shade at Husband Jay Chou’s Ex GF Patty Hou With Recent IG Post

Hannah Quinlivan

History seems to be repeating itself as Netizens once again find themselves wondering if Hannah Quinlivan is throwing shade at husband Jay Chou’s ex Patty Hou. Remember last year when she posted the same photo of a rainbow on Instagram that Patty had also shared which had folks talking? Hannah later shut that down when she clarified the photo was something she received from a building company which she thought was pretty. Today, Netizens are asking themselves the same question again – is it a coincidence or not, when Hannah reshared a story originally posted on her movie Nezha’s Instagram with an ad showing Patty’s face in the background.

“Resting a bit after a meal. Later I will drop by around Qinmei Park. To friends who see us, remember to take pictures and upload them!”
“Want to witness the classic racing cars in the movie? 16:30 in front of Taichung Station”

Although the original photo from the movie’s Instagram did not show Patty’s entire face, Netizens have been quick to pull up the ad to confirm that it is indeed Patty on the billboard. At present, the photo has already been removed from Hannah’s Instagram Stories.

Patty Hou
Netizens dug up the ad to confirm that the billboard in the background features Patty Hou

What do you guys think? It really could be just a coincidence as there doesn’t seem to be any reason (that we know of) why Hannah would be throwing shade at her husband’s ex after six years of marriage. Even the captions on the post seem pretty straight forward.

Hannah Quinilivan stars in Nezha
Hannah Quinlivan posing in front of a Nezha poster

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