Barbie Hsu’s Mother-in-Law Zhang Lan Addresses Jail Sentence and Tears Up on Livestream

Barbie Hsu's Mother-in-Law Zhang Lan Addresses Jail Sentence and Tears Up on Livestream

Barbie Hsu’s mother-in-law Zhang Lan is a businesswoman and the founder of South Beauty, an established food services brand in China. However, she has run into her fair share of legal woes in recent years. In 2015, she was issued an asset injunction order and required to disclose all her assets with a single value of more than HK$500,000.

In March 2019, Zhang Lan was sentenced to 1 year in prison for contempt of court in Hong Kong after it was ruled that Zhang Lan violated the order to disclose all her assets. Her subsequent appeal was also rejected. Zhang Lan who also engages in livestream e-commerce recently addressed the issues.

Regarding the Lawsuit

Zhang Lan claims that she didn’t do anything wrong and was tricked. She touched upon her lawsuit with private equity fund CVC and says that it has been brought to the Supreme People’s Court. She also accused the other party of using the media against her. Netizens had mixed reactions towards Zhang Lan, yet she had no qualms shutting down the haters online as she challenged a netizen who claims that she violated the law to catch her and even says that she’ll be waiting at Beijing International Trade Building.

Trending As Barbie Hsu’s Mother-in-Law

Upon learning that she was making headlines once more on entertainment news, Zhang Lan shares that she felt apologetic towards her son Wang Xiaofei and daughter-in-law Barbie Hsu, so much that she hid at home and cried.

Zhang Lan felt bad that she isn’t able to leave anything for the children and that the negative news has affected them. She also calls out the media for always mentioning Big S (Barbie Hsu) in their reports. She says, “Our Big S is at home being a good wife and a good mother, who did she offend? The headline always says Big S’s mother-in-law. It’s messed up.” Zhang Lan says that her daughter-in-law is very good to her and even told her, “Mom, you’re the best, we all love you, you share positive energy everyday and you have a clear conscience.”

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