Zhou Xun and Archie Kao Confirm Divorce After Photos of the Actor Kissing Another Woman Circulate Online

Archie and Zhou XUn (2)
Archie and Zhou XUn (2)

Does anyone recall speculating whether Chinese actress Zhou Xun and her American actor husband Archie Kao have separated after a lot of their photos together went missing on his Insta? Well, I’m afraid to say those rumours are indeed true. At noon today, the couple officially confirmed their divorce. Both Zhou Xun and Archie wrote the words “祝安好“ which roughly translates to I wish you well or good luck in English on their Weibo account. A little bit cryptic .. until you consider the circumstance of their relationship.

Zhou Xun and Archie Kao Write Good Luck

This morning, the status of the pair’s marriage came into question once again after photos of Archie kissing an unidentified woman came to light. There’s also a photograph of a love letter supposedly coming from the actor which the woman captioned with a “My love, the best of luck on this journey you’re making. Make the most out of each day. I’ll be waiting for you with great enthusiasm. “There might be millions of roses in the whole world, but I am your only one, unique rose. “ I love you.” circulating.

Archie Kao Kissing Another Woman
A now deleted photo shows Archie kissing another woman

Since tying the knot at a surprise ceremony in July 2014, the couple has been dogged by divorce rumours when people started to take note of the fact that they haven’t been seen together publicly or in each other’s social media photos in the past four years. Archie deleting most, if not all of their photos together didn’t exactly help to quell any speculations either so it’s no wonder everyone is jumping to the conclusion that they’ve finally broken it off.

Zhou Xun and Archie Kao have never really given any clear response regarding the status of their relationship in the past, so it’s highly possible this morning’s photos were what forced them to finally confirm their split. Update: According to Taiwanese media, Archie Kao has confirmed the girl in the photo to be his ex-girlfriend. They dated in the past two years after his divorce with Zhou Xun. However, he and the girl have broken up in the US over two months ago and he is now single. Archie Kao admits that he and Zhou Xun had planned to announce their divorce during the New Year, but the photo from his ex caught them by surprise and resulted in the decision to move up the announcement.

a love letter supposed written by Archie Kao shared by the same woman who tagged his IG account
a love letter supposedly written by Archie Kao shared by the same woman who tagged his IG account in the kissing photo

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