R1SE member Yan Xujia Denies Multiple Cheating Allegations, Says He Will Focus on Work and School

R1SE member Yan Xujia Denies Multiple Cheating Allegations, Says He Will Focus on Work and School

R1SE’s Yan Xujia has been making headlines in recent days after multiple cheating accusations were thrown against him. On December 5, a Weibo user with the ID (小盒鱼会喵喵叫吗) claimed to be Yan Xujia’s ex-girlfriend and accused him of cheating among others. She also posted a photo of them together. Soon after, another Weibo user with the ID (xxxfffff_97) claimed to be his real girlfriend.

girl claiming to be yan yuxia's gf

As the allegations from two women has gotten netizens questioning Yan Xujia’s character, another news broke online as someone claimed that it was revealed during an internal meeting at Wajijiwa that Yan Xujia dated four women. Screenwriter Li Zhenghu also took to social media with a post that he deleted immediately, “You don’t just have four, a 1999 born little jiejie (sister) from the acting department cheated on her boyfriend of two years in order to be with you, do you remember?” With regards to his now-deleted post, Li Zhenghu said that he has nothing to do with anything and was just expressing his resentment.

yan xujia apology

After more than a day of silence, Yan Xujia finally took to social media on December 6 with an apology and an explanation. He firmly denies rumors of any third party. He writes, “When we were together, it was wholehearted, there was no one else aside from the two of us. Cherished each other’s feelings but regrettably caused a misunderstanding in the way things were handled, the more I worried about causing harm may have caused even more harm. For this, I feel really guilty and sorry. In the past two days, I deeply reflected and realized that I was not mature enough in facing this relationship. In the next couple years, I will focus on work and studies and won’t get emotionally involved. To all the friends who care about me, I am sorry.”

R1SE member Yan Xujia is an artist under the management of Wajijiwa Entertainment. He is also a member of the boy band X Nine. Yan Xujia’s controversy comes after multiple R1SE members were involved in different scandals. The singer-actor who is only 19 this year also promised not to be involved in any relationship in the near future as he intends to focus on work and school.

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