Lin Gengxin Slams Netizen that Gave a 1-Star Rating for His Drama To Love and Then Promptly Apologizes

Lin Gengxin

Amongst the many things you shouldn’t be doing whilst drunk, posting on social media has got to be one of those things that will surely come back to bite you in the butt the next day. That’s how To Love 最初的相遇 actor Lin Gengxin found himself in a sticky situation after slamming netizens who gave harsh critiques toward his drama, calling it dog blood (a Chinese slang for unbelievably cliche and exaggerated) and complaining about the editing. In particular, a netizen gave To Love a one star rating on Douban with the comment, “Watched for a while, where is the main plot? an insignificant drama endlessly filled with water, the pacing is a mess, to say it’s an advertisement is too long, to say it’s a music video, it’s not even that pretty, it’s not good enough to kill time.”

In a now deleted post, Lin Gengxin responded “did you really watch the show? Or did you watch too much (episodes) of Pleasant Goat (Xiyangyang cartoon)? How was it repetitive? How is it an MV? You were raised by your parents, why is sweet romance considered dog blood? Who says suspense dramas can’t have a bit of romance? I think you’re no less immoral in school or at work. Or is every couple has to be blamed for everything? Everyone’s a film critic, do you know anything about editing? Don’t tell me you’re a filmmaker *spit emoji*. Serious filmmakers, they don’t play this game.” And if you look closely enough, the post was accompanied by a photo of what appears to be the actor possibly holding up the middle finger.

Lin Gengxin Deleted Post

Oh boy, the actor might be known as a straight shooting guy who sometimes forgets to filter his words, but whoa that is some drunken rant! I guess he must’ve realised that too since he later took down the post and instead wrote “okay, I drank too much, went to bed and disturbed everyone. I apologise for giving offense. Requesting everyone to please cut me some slack. No one has it easy”. It seems that the rant was not taken well as To Love dropped from a Douban rating of 6.8 when the actor took a screenshot to 4.8 as of the writing of this post.

Lin Gengxin Apology

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