Eva Huang Refutes Complaints Against Her Poor Performance in a Live Broadcast Appearance

Eva Huang
Eva Huang

Former Sister Who Rides the Waves contestant Eva Huang Shengyi is in the news recently after merchants complained about the less than satisfactory effort she put in for a live broadcast she was contracted for to help market products. According to reports, the actress was supposedly paid an appearance fee amounting to 100,000 RMB. However, participating merchants complained the investment was totally not worth it and requested for a refund since her efforts, they say, were completely lacklustre and unreliable.

First off, things weren’t off to a good start when the actress was supposedly late for the live broadcast. Next, she was supposed to help market and sell a variety of products. However, they complained that she barely even talked about the items like the wine she was marketing properly. Instead she just gave it a sniff and didn’t even give it a taste test to better provide her review. Later when it was time to introduce the next product which is an insulated flask, Eva Huang supposedly left the venue, leaving it up to the assistant broadcaster sat next to her to introduce the item on the live broadcast. At the end of the day, it’s reported that the merchant only sold five flasks amounting to 695 RMB.

Knowing the rumour mill’s potential to blow things out of proportion and also wanting to address the increasing scrutiny on the issue, Eva Huang finally issued a statement to refute the rumours which she says are not true. She pointed out that there wasn’t an insulated flask included in the items she needed to market. Moreover, she wasn’t paid the so called 100,000 in appearance fees. As to being late for the 80 minute live broadcast, she says that didn’t happen at all, that she completed the full 80 minutes she was contractually required to finish for the live broadcast.

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