“Good Bai” Turns Out to be Bai Jingting’s English Name from His Vogue Me Photoshoot

Goodbye? More like Good Bai! See what we did there? haha

Bai Jingting recently graced the December 2020 issue of Vogue Me with singer-actress Victoria Song Qian in a fun and playful photoshoot to the theme of “Reconnection.” With their English names printed on the magazine cover, netizens were quick to notice the name Good Bai.

It’s not uncommon for Asian stars to choose an English name, but to choose the first name ‘Good’ is certainly unconventional that it gave everyone on the internet a good laugh. Some say it’s definitely something that a xiao bai 小白 can do. Bai Jingting also goes by Xiao Bai (Little Bai in English) which happens to also be a Chinese slang for novice.

As it turns out, it was Mark Chao who came up with the name. Back in 2018, the two were filming the workplace drama Ordinary Glory where Mark played Bai Jingting’s manager Wu Kezhi. At the time, Bai Jingting proudly revealed his new name when he wrote on Instagram: “Mr. Wu helped me find an English name and it’s called “GOOD”… so my English name is… “GOODBAI.” I guess they were serious about it!

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