Mario Ho Wants to Stand on His Own Two Feet Without His Family’s Money

Mario and Ming Xi FI
Mario Ho and wife Ming Xi

I am not a fuerdai 富二代 with unlimited resources” confided Mario Ho to his wife Ming Xi. As series regulars in the third season of reality show Xing Fu San Chong Zou 3 幸福三重奏3 which gives viewers a peek at the ins and outs of celebrity married life, the son of the late casino tycoon Stanley Ho was heard on camera chatting with Wu Jing about the travails of work.

Mario reveals that before he and Ming Xi were married, he told her once not think of him as a “second generation rich kid” with limitless access to wealth. That’s because Mario says he doesn’t want to take another penny from his family. This is the reason why he started his own company and involved himself in the e-sports industry where he says his parents won’t be able to manage him.

Mario Ho also shares that he opened up about his hopes to become a listed company to Ming Xi, telling her that there’s a possibility that she might not even be able to live a wealthy lifestyle after she marries him. While that may have been an issue for someone else marrying him for the wrong reasons, Ming Xi certainly wasn’t fazed by it, telling him bluntly that it won’t be a problem and that she’ll help him reach his goals. “If you need anything, I will help you. You can definitely do it!” said his wife.

They say that a man’s success has a lot to do with the kind of woman he chooses to have in his life. Glad to see Mario has chosen someone with a good head on her shoulders standing by him.

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