Johnny Huang Wins Case Filed Against Weibo User Who Made Cheating and Domestic Violence Allegations Against Him

Johnny Huang Wins Case Filed Against Weibo User Who Made Cheating and Violence Allegations Against Him

Chinese actor Johnny Huang Jingyu’s career has been steadily on the rise from his movies to dramas. Most recently, he was part of the star-studded pandemic themed drama With You. However, the actor was also caught in ugly rumors in recent years. According to the civil judgment posted on the Beijing Court website on October 18, a verdict has finally been reached on the case of infringement on Johnny Huang’s reputation filed against a certain Weibo user.   

In November 2018, the defendant threw several accusations at Huang Jingyu through text and photos he posted on micro-blogging site Weibo. Upon review, the court has deemed statements such as, “you’re a scumbag”, “you’re shameless” as obvious insults. The defendant also made claims that, “his ex-manager and Huang betrayed their bodies for a role.” He also spoke up for Huang Jingyu’s ex Wang Yuxin, claimed that actress Zhang Yishang was a third party and that Huang Jingyu cheated and committed domestic violence among others. 

As the defendant failed to submit factual evidence to back his claims, the court has constituted his actions as defamation. The defendant is required to make a public apology for a minimum of 10 days and pay 20,000 yuan in compensation to Johnny Huang for emotional damages and reasonable expenses.

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