Cute Programmer Brings the Cuteness in Xing Zhaolin and Bambi Zhu Xudan

If this poster does not scream cuteness, then the production team has to rethink the drama title. Currently filming modern workplace drama, Cute Programmer (lit.) 程序员那么可爱, recently released new photos of the cast for us to fawn over.

Xing Zhaolin (You Are My Destiny) and Bambi Zhu Xudan (Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre) will make us swoon over their first drama together. Xing Zhaolin will play Jiang Yicheng, a genius programmer that Bambi Zhu’s Lu Li is head-over-heels in love with.

Lu Li has always admired Jiang Yicheng that she joined the same school and took the same course as him. To add to her achievements of being the male lead’s biggest fan, she followed him to his work. However, there is a catch: his company does not accept female employees. I know it’s hard to believe with Bambi Zhu’s look but she will actually don a male disguise here.

Just like how it is in other gender-bending dramas, one’s identity cannot be easily hidden. Jiang Yicheng found out the truth and asked for them to be a contract couple in exchange of keeping her secret.

They are being joined by many other actors: Yi Daqian, Tian Yitong, Guan Xin, Sheng Langxi, Jun Sheng, Zhao Zhengyang, Zhang Qingqing, Strive Wang Yiming, He Xingyu and a guest appearance by Pang Hanchen.

It seems to be filled with clichés you’d find in a modern romance. There’s the overbearing CEO – he’s intelligent, results-driven and has a sharp tongue while the heroine is a simple and determined girl. The story is based on a manhua entitled, 程序媛哪有这么可爱 which literally translates to “Why is the programmer girl so cute?” So I’m pretty sure that fans can looking forward to see more cuteness real soon!

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