Du Hua Unintentionally Roasts Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo After Getting His Legend of Fei Name Wrong

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The leads of the drama Legend of Fei descended on last weekend’s episode of Happy Camp which includes a fun segment for Stand Up My Friend as to who can throw the biggest shade on the other. Since it was both Hesong Media and Yuehua Entertainment’s turn to guest star in the variety show, both seniors Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo were there to support their younger colleagues. Who would’ve thought Yuehua boss Du Hua would be the one committing a blooper that might’ve also unintentionally thrown shade when she forgot Wang Yibo’s LoF name.

Wang Yibo's Yehua versus Zhao Liying's Hesong
It’s Yuehua versus Hesong

When it was time for her throw down with Zhao Liying, Du Hua kicked things off by saying “Zhao Liying no matter how great you are, you still have to carry our Lin Yun!” Not too bad for her first volley … except who in the world is Lin Yun? Wang Yibo’s character is called Xie Yun in the drama! She probably meant to reference the scene where Zhao Liying as Zhou Fei carries an injured Xie Yun on her back. But her mistake definitely left her wide open for an embarrassed Zhao Liying to score one for the team as she quickly fired back a correction “Xie Yun! Big sister”.

Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying on Legend of Fei
Zhou Fei carrying an injured Xie Yun on her back

Netizens have quickly pointed out that Du Hua saying Lin Yun and then turning around to ask “is it Lin Yun?” was quite embarrassing. As the head of Yuehua, she should’ve known what one of the company’s biggest stars was called in his newest show, not to mention he was there with his LoF co-star. In fact, Zhao Liying got in another hit at Wang Yibo’s expense when she fired back “who is Wang Yibo? We’re not feeling it” in reference to his song Wu Gan 无感.

Meanwhile, other Netizens are of the opinion that Du Hua’s booboo was a bit of an insensitive shade on Zhao Liying since Lin Yun is the name of husband Feng Shaofeng’s ex-girlfriend. I personally never would’ve thought that though since it really looks like she forgot and just threw out any name that popped in her head.  

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