Huang Zitao’s Father Passes Away After Struggling with Illness

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Huang Zitao

Singer-actor Huang Zitao’s father suddenly passed away today at the age of 52.  The former EXO member and his dad Huang Zhongdong are known to have a close relationship with each other as seen in some of his variety show appearances with his son. That relationship between the two went even further as the elder Mr Huang became an indispensable partner and mentor to his son as they built their company to what it is today.

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L. Tao Entertainment, the company he founded together with Tao after retiring from EXO, released this information via a statement informing the public that the company’s founder and executive director has passed away and that the funeral will be kept simple in accordance to his wishes. Additionally, the statement highlights his efforts to continue being a positive influence on everyone even while struggling with his illness.

Longtao Entertainment Statement

Tao’s studio also reposted the announcement with the following caption: “It is with a heavy heart that Mr. Huang Zitao thanks you for your concern on behalf of his family. After losing a loved one, we strongly urge everyone to give Mr Huang Zitao some time to deal with matters and mourn with his family.”

Following this sad news, many netizens expressed their surprise as Huang Zitao’s father had always appeared to be quite robust and healthy. Not only was he still quite young, there weren’t any reports in the past that he was suffering from any health issues.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Tao and his family.

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