Driver That Killed Tan Songyun’s Mother Sentenced to Six Years in Prison, Actress to Donate All Compensation

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The trial for the hit-and-run case that resulted in the death of Chinese actress Tan Songyun’s mother on January 23, 2019 has concluded after less than a month since the court hearing began on August 31, 2020.

On September 19, the judge sentenced the defendant, Ma Minghong, to 6 years in prison and ordered him to pay over 1.35 million RMB in damages to the three affected families. Tan Songyun’s lawyer Zhang Qihuai said that all money the actress receives from the lawsuit will be donated to charity. 

Netizens were pleased to finally see an outcome but many wonder why the perpetrator did not get a heavier sentence and were infuriated that the defendant did not seem to show any sympathy. Through the course of the trial, it was revealed that Ma Minghong was elementary school classmates with Tan Songyun and that his father is a government official. Ma Minghong has that he has been struggling to pay for the lawsuit and that he was forced to sell his apartment to raise money.

Tan Songyun studio released a statement, “In response to this judgment, our artist and family members have not yet expressed their views. Thank you for your concern and support. We always believe in the objectivity and fairness of the law! We also call on everyone to stay sensible, respect the law, and jointly maintain a healthy internet environment! We must resolutely resist drunk driving! May this tragedy never happen again!”

We wish Songyun and the affected families all the best and that they may be able to finally recover from this traumatic experience.

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