Dilireba Draws Ire from Cai Xukun Fans Over the Meme She Used for Yang Mi’s Birthday

yang mi's birthday

When it comes to celebrities, birthdays are always a bit of a public matter with all eyes on who greeted who and who didn’t. September 12 is Yang Mi’s birthday and she celebrates turning 34 today, yet things went unexpectedly awry.

Known to be friends and colleagues, Dilraba Dilmurat took to social media at 12:19 midnight with a greeting, “Today is goddess’s birthday, another day without a photo together. With two beauties together, who’d remember to use their cellphone to take a photo. Love you @Yang Mi.” Since Dilireba didn’t have a photo, she shared a humorous meme instead of a guy whispering into another, “I want to rap beside your ear all night.”

dilireba cai xukun

Due to the caption and hairstyle that is similar to Cai Xukun, the meme is seen to be making a mockery of him which is why Dilireba immediately received backlash from his fans. Upon realizing that the internet has blown up with comments about it, Dilireba replaced the meme with a gif of teddy bears along with an apology. She said, “I was stupid and caused trouble for the young beauty, sorry little Cai (referring to Cai Xukun), sorry young beauty (referring to Yang Mi)…” Yang Mi responded to the greeting by saying, “Thank you baobei (refers to Dilireba).”

Dilraba Dilmurat Yang Mi birthday

Some fans comforted Dilireba saying that it is an honest mistake because she would not have used the meme if she had known. However, it seems that there are heated exchanges from fans from both sides who are trying to defend their respective idols. There are also comments that it is Yang Mi’s birthday yet Dilireba got herself trending. Just my two cents, why not focus on the good instead. Wishing Yang Mi a happy birthday!

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