Dating In The Kitchen Teases Steamy Chemistry Between Zhao Lusi and Lin Yushen Who’s 18 Years Older

dating in the kitchen

We all know that Zhao Lusi has a knack for sweet romance dramas especially with the success of The Romance of Tiger and Rose earlier this year. Dating in the Kitchen 我喜欢你 pairs the 21-year-old actress with actor Lin Yushen who’s 18 years older.

Dating in the Kitchen Synopsis

The story follows Gu Sheng Nan, an assistant chef at the Zijing Hotel with a passion for cooking. She was in a secret relationship with the head chef until she gets her heart broken after catching him cheating. 

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With the breakup and the threat of Sheng Nan losing her dream job looming over her head due to the hotel’s impending acquisition, things get much worse when she mistakenly vandalizes Lu Jin’s car without realizing that he is her soon-to-be-boss. Luckily, Sheng Nan’s manager persuades Lu Jin to give the hotel establishment a chance by making every chef cook a dish for him. Sheng Nan’s special concoction stands out and Lu Jin decides to continue operations as long as the mystery chef (Sheng Nan) keeps cooking for him.

this is not what i expected remake

There are so many older man-younger woman pairings and combining food with romance hardly sounds original. Nonetheless, all the trailers so far has been teasing so much chemistry between the two leads. Zhao Lusi brings her lovable self as the sassy young chef. The much-older Lin Yushen stole the scene as Yang Xiao in the 2019 remake of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber. In hindsight, his manly charisma seems perfect for the role of the domineering CEO and actually makes sense age wise. Frankly, I’m looking forward to see how love finds its way and turns the picky boss into a loyal boyfriend. Praying that the drama is as good as it looks.

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Dating in the Kitchen premieres tonight, September 15, on Tencent WeTV! This 24-episode drama is an adaptation of the novel Finally I Get You 终于等到你 written by Lan Bai Se. It was also adapted into the 2017 movie This Is Not What I Expected 喜欢你 starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Dongyu. The rest of the cast includes Zhang Xiaoqian, Yu Xinhe, Fingal Fu Jia, Wu Yaheng, Li Qian, and Yu Xiang.

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