Zhao Liying Set to Star in the Rural Drama “The Story of Xing Fu”

zhao liying

Remember last year when Netizens used their spidey skills to sniff out a new collaboration between Zhao Liying and her Golden Wedding director Zheng Xiaolong? After almost a year in the works, the product of that dinner meeting is finally out in the open.

Yesterday’s annual Youku Press Conference just announced that the actress will be starring in rural drama The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家, also known as the TV adaption of The Story of Qiu Ju. A novel about a peasant woman seeking justice on behalf of her husband, the storyline might be a wee bit familiar since it has also been turned into a movie by Zhang Yimou starring the talented Gong Li a few decades ago.

the story of xing fu

In the small screen adaptation entitled, Zhao Liying will play a hardworking country girl named Xing Fu who grows up facing multiple challenges in her career and in her marriage. To keep up with the times, the newer adaptation tackles the more current issues facing country folk and the legalities involved in rural construction and development.

It may be a while yet before we all get to see the drama on the small screen but if it’s any consolation, filming for the drama will kick off really soon. In the meantime, if you can’t get enough of Zhao Liying, be sure to check out her drama Legend of Fei once it airs!

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