Zhao Liying Criticized for Her Table Manners on Chinese Restaurant 4

zhao liying chinese restaurant 4

Zhao Liying made it on the trending list recently but not quite for the reasons you’d normally think of. When it comes to table manners, “choose with your eyes” is a phrase strictly drilled on us as children. No choosing with your fork (or chopsticks) so it doesn’t appear you’re leaving your table mates with your leftovers. This might be the reason why Zhao Liying drew flak from some Netizens who saw her dig through a stewpot shared by everybody.

Like Huang Xiaoming, Sean Zhang, Jack Lin and Ariel Li, Zhao Liying appears as a series regular for the fourth season of Chinese Restaurant 中餐厅第四季, a reality show where celebrities make up the crew in a pop-up restaurant. On the particular episode, everybody was sharing a big pot of mala soup after wrapping up the workday. The day was winding down, camaraderie was flowing when the Legend of Fei actress, like the rest of the team swirled her chopsticks into the pot to pick out some yummy morsels for herself. I’m not entirely sure why it was only the actress who caught flak for being “impolite” as pretty much everyone was doing the same thing.

Whatever the case, the actress remains largely unfazed by the brouhaha surrounding her.  Her lovely co-stars on the other hand, posted some short messages on social media explaining the situation –

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These past 21 days were hard and stressful for everyone. We help each other have some fun together. Of course food will never not be in the picture. Some of the dishes our chefs chopped up too small, with the slightly bigger pieces first eaten by our seniors. The pot is very deep, and the dishes are really quite delicious so none of us want to waste it! But really, the ladies eat much more elegantly than us men” says Sean Zhang.

Meanwhile, Huang Xiaoming wrote:   “Actually, most of the dishes are made with whatever ingredients we have leftover at the end of the day. There are hardly any vegetables or any meat left in it. In fact locating meat in the various dishes has become an amusing diversion for us. Haha.

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