Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan in Splitsville

Song Yanfei Zhang Yishan

To all concerned friends, Thank you everyone for your continued attention and support. Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan have peacefully separated today, ending their relationship.

After this statement, the artists and their studios will no longer entertain questions about this matter. We sincerely thank the media and the fans for their understanding.

This was the message waiting for fans today on Song Yanfei Studio’s social media page.

Ironically, it was Song Yanfei’s break up announcement yesterday evening that finally confirmed that the Cross Fire actress and Zhang Yishan were indeed in a relationship. The pair have always been vague about the status of their connection to the public and have neither admitted to or denied dating each other. Unfortunately the only time we finally get a confirmation is when they announce their split!

Nobody knows the reason why the couple broke up although cheating speculations have been buzzing yesterday when Zhang Yishan was photographed going back to the hotel with a mysterious woman. Rumour has it that the unknown lady accompanying him is his ex-girlfriend Bai Xue. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case since Bai Xue has already shot down the rumours saying somebody (meaning her) is being blamed for no reason. Meanwhile, the actor’s camp has continued to keep silent on the situation as of press time.

Song Yanfei Zhang Yishan split

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