Yu Xiaotong and Chen Xiaoyun Announce Breakup

Yu Xiaotong and Chen Xiaoyun who were first spotted dating in 2019 have called it quits as the former couple made their respective announcements on social media today, August 24.

Yu Xiaotong writes, “Thank you to everyone who has been with us for so long, I’m happy to have spent such a beautiful time together, we laughed, we cried, we saw many landscapes and went on many trips. Today, I solemnly announce the end to this beautiful time. Hope that we can both be well in the future.”

Chen Xiaoyun writes, “Thank you for everyone’s concern and attention, today, we officially bid this relationship goodbye. Our parting is natural and peaceful. Thankful for having once met and for having the beautiful moments. Hope that we can both be well.”

The two first confirmed that they were dating when they were on Season 2 of the Chinese reality show “My Little One” back in May 2019. At the Super Nova Games later on that year, Yu Xiaotong famously gave Chen Xiaoyun a kiss and a hug after winning in men’s archery.

Speculations of a breakup sparked in recent months after netizens discovered that Chen Xiaoyun seems to have deleted everything pertaining to Yu Xiaotong. Furthering speculations was the lack of interaction from the very public couple when Yu Xiaotong did not greet Xiaoyun on social media on her birthday last June 29. His staff denied breakup rumors at the time.

Unfortunately, it seems there are times when relationships just don’t work out. Let’s continue to support both of them and accept their decision!

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