Yang Chaoyue Responds to Pressure from Fandom Regarding Firing Her Team

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Organised fandoms make up a multimillion industry and hold a lot of clout when it comes to their idol’s careers. Because of this, it’s not unusual to see Chinese fandoms banding together to publish demands if they feel their idol is at a disadvantage. This week Yang Chaoyue ’s management Wenlan Culture received a list of demands from her Yang Chaoyue National Fan Club.  And first on the list? Urging the former Rocket Girl 101 to let go of “non performers” on her team. Fans also wanted a professional manager at her disposal with a PR team handling fan communication as well as a legal team to take action against her haters.

Well, after five days of keeping mum on the subject, Yang Chaoyue finally posted a response on social media. Under her entry which simply said “Seeking Protection” the singer further addressed those prodding her to let go of her manager and terminate her contract. “Those who told me to fire my boss, I’ve never done this before, who’s really the one going crazy? I haven’t even assumed the position of president yet, now I have to work on getting a loan?” To a fan, the singer further responded with “No you guys, you’re not the one who signed the contract. Of course it’s easy for you to say, it’s not your back that’s on the line.”

A screenshot of the comment before it was deleted.
A screenshot of the comment before taken down

Although the demand was a wee bit unrealistic since pre-terminating her contract probably means paying damages, fans only have her best interest at heart. Perhaps Yang Chaoyue also realised this because seconds later she immediately deleted the comment. Instead, she replaced the comment with an apology, saying “I’m sorry I was under too much pressure, I won’t post about anything save for work in the future.”

As of press time, it appears Yang Chaoyue’s management team and her fans have thankfully come to an agreement. Changes will be made towards revamping communication strategies as well as to the team handling the singer’s needs moving forward. In fact, management also went ahead to publish a list of individuals onboard Team Yang Chaoyue.

It’s all in a day’s work for everyone.

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